Pathfinder Institute Myanmar
Non-Profit Organization

Pathfinder Institute Myanmar is a non-profit organization that was founded in response to Myanmar’s emergent needs after it fell under control of the military regime as of early 2021. We exist to provide a helping hand to helpless children, youth, women, internally displaced people across the country, and government personnel partaking in the civil disobedience movement in these trying times. Originally established to assist Myanmar on its journey for federal democracy during and after times of military tyranny, we hope to mend the nation from its many shortcomings.



We envision to support in restoring the nation to ultimately procure federal democracy.

Our primary focus as an organization


After Myanmar’s political descent, many lives were left with little to no opportunities due to the tottering state of the nation. This country’s youth are currently being denied their rights for education that uphold the public’s morals and is free from military doctrine. As children are the future of the nation, we focus on making the idea of quality education comprehensible to those with no alternatives from junta propaganda. We promise children the formal education they deserve and teachers the support they need. To assure that the children are receiving fine education, we implement teaching training to teachers as well from time to time.

Taking part in the civil disobedience movement

Along the way of the masses’ choice for nonviolent resistance, many basic human rights were violated by the military. We make it a primary value of the organization to support government personnel whose lives had fallen under constant risk and threats due to partaking in the civil disobedience movement. Civil servants within particular fields such as education are provided jobs and financial support within our organization. We distribute fundings to those who had lost their jobs, security, and privacy under military rule, and mobilize resources to many followers of the civil disobedience movement.

Humanitarian aid

Due to the current state of the nation, many civilians in rural areas were left with no choice, but to evacuate from terrorism imposed by the military. With a record of over 1,000 armed conflicts between the local residents and the military, the nation continues to stray towards further violence. Following the recent events of Myanmar, many internally displaced citizens had to flee and seek refuge. As the number of victims under this civil war grows daily, our organization makes it our prioritized goal to be able to provide aid for urgent human needs such as rations, medicine, and shelter.

Women’s health protection

Having to flee from place to place, women struggle to maintain their essential sanitary practices due to lack of resources at times of war. It is often impossible to find women’s monthly necessities including birth controls after being forced to live in certain areas where said supplies cannot be easily attained. We intend to fund channels that provide monthly necessities, birth control to those who are in need of said supplies, and delivery kits and supplements for expecting mothers.

Goals of Pathfinder Institute Myanmar

  • ✓  Pathfinder Institute Myanmar is able to provide quality online education to young children and adolescents free from military propagandas.
  • ✓  Educational institutions that emerged for revolutionary purposes are supported through distribution and allocation of Pathfinder Institute Myanmar’s resources.
  • ✓  Civil servants who are partaking in the civil disobedience movement as nonviolent resistance against the military regime receive the supports they need to remain standing for their beliefs.