Extra Classes Program

At Pathfinder Institute Myanmar, we understand the importance of providing additional educational support to our students. Currently, we offer Extra English and Extra Mathematics classes to enhance the academic capabilities of our students.

Program Details – 
Classes Offered – Extra English & Extra Mathematics
Target Audience – Students from Grade-01 to Grade-11
Support Fees – Data support fees are encouraged but not mandatory.
Why Data Support Fees ?

– The data support fees collected for the Extra Classes Program contribute to various aspects that ensure the quality of education and support for our students. These contributions go towards:

  1. Child Education –  Ensuring access to quality education for all students.
  2. On-Ground Support –  Facilitating the operational needs of the classes.
  3. CDM Teacher and Volunteer Support –  Supporting teachers and volunteers engaged in the civil disobedience movement.
Inclusivity Policy!

We understand that some students, particularly those associated with the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), may face financial constraints. If a CDM student wishes to join the Extra Classes but cannot afford the data support fees, we will not reject them. Instead, we kindly request such students to provide information such as student ID, grade, and section. By doing so, we ensure that every student, regardless of financial capacity, has an opportunity to benefit from the Extra Classes Program.

Join Us in Empowering Minds – 

Pathfinder Institute Myanmar is dedicated to empowering students through education. The Extra Classes Program is designed to provide additional support and enhance the learning experience for our students.